TCTM Oil Ltd. has the exclusive right to use and propagate two new patents, which expand upon the previous two patents, published in 2010 and 2012, and were invented by essentially the same team of developers. A third patent is being designed with respect to the automated system and certain special catalysts suitable for heavy oil, bitumen and shale.

Old Patent No. 1

Titled: “Gas evolving oil viscosity diminishing compositions for stimulating the productive layer of an oil reservoir”.

Provides a method for heating oil reservoirs based on the thermo-chemical reaction of two or more reagents, causing the release of huge amounts of energy, heating up a large part of the formation all around the well, reducing the viscosity of the oil in the formation. A large amount of gases are created, enabling gas-lifting.

Old Patent No. 2

Further development of Patent No. 1, using a new method of application, plus a solution for placing packers, one of which has to be heat resistant. This enables the chemicals to be continuously transferred in-situ, while the oil is pushed out of the well by the pressure created by the gases simultaneously and continuously.

New Patent No. 1

This patent specifies the chemicals and catalysts, and enables a better selection of materials with the aim of reaching either higher temperatures (enables hydro-cracking or thermal cracking in-situ), or higher pressure (enables fracturing of the formation (without injecting a significant amount of water) and/or stronger artificial gas-lifting).

New Patent No. 2 (pending final approval)

Defines the automated treatment process with our EETCT method, which raises efficacy and safety to a maximum level, while easing the manpower and technical requirements.